Monday, March 18, 2013

River's Day Out

Last week, Mama, Nene (that's my grandma), and I had a Kids' Day Out! First, we went to one of my favorite places. Can you guess what that is?

Barnes & Noble! Mama & Nene didn't mind. They like to drink coffee there, and look at books and magazines.

This is my robot pose!

There were so many things to choose from! I asked Mama to buy me a Godiva chocolate bar, but she said no. So then I asked for a chocolate granola bar, and she still said no. Finally, she bought me a banana. That's OK, because I like bananas. They're just as good as chocolate, Mama says.

I shared my banana with Austen. I'm nice like that.

After we had a snack, we went to play at the train table. Austen loves the trains!

And so do I!

 Mama likes to read while Austen and I play with the trains. This is a really good deal, because we all get to do something we like.

I got a piano cat off the shelf, and Austen played on it a lot. It made a "meow" sound every time she pushed a key. It was so funny and loud! I don't understand why Nene and Mama said they will never buy this awesome toy. If I had a nickel, I would buy it for Austen! And then I would borrow it!

After a while, I said we need to go to the Lego table.

I worked very hard building some really cool houses.

After I built a few houses, I told Mama and Nene I was hungry. They said we will go eat at Chipotle. I was worried because sometimes Chipotle food is too spicy. But Mama said it wouldn't be spicy today. Nene says that Chipotle is good because they have lots of vegetables. But I think Nene really likes the chips and guacamole the best. Is guacamole a vegetable?

The food was very yummy, and Mama didn't let the Chipotle people put anything too spicy on my plate! Mama, Nene, and Austen sat at a little table, but I'm a really big boy so I just sat on a stool by the window all by myself. I liked watching the people outside while I was eating!

Soon it was time for Austen to go home so she could take a nap. She's still a baby and gets tired easy. She really doesn't like sitting in the carseat, but I think hugging that baby doll helped her feel better. 

 I had a fun day out with Mama and Nene! I hope we can do it again soon! Maybe I will take them to IKEA next time....

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