Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Welcome to My Home!

As you may know from reading my blog, or are a "real life" friend, we moved in September. As a military family living far from away any of our extended family, we have chosen to rent our housing here in Washington State. Late last spring, the landlord of the house in which we were living informed us that he was moving back to town, and wanted to move back into his house - which was our rental house at the time. :( I was so disappointed when we found out we would have to move; I loved the house we were renting, and just the thought of trying to find a house we liked as much, staying in the same school district for our kids, and packing up all of our things - again - overwhelmed me. It was not something we were expecting.

Well, we were able to find a house nearby the neighborhood we already lived in, and I can say, I love, love, love this new house! It's even better than our last house. It's a bit more spacious, has an extra room that we can use as an office or guest room, and I love the floor plan. In fact, we have two eating areas again - an eat-in kitchen and a formal dining room. Even though I dreaded the move all summer, I am so happy in this new house and glad we had to move!

So, in celebration of our move into our new home, I am going to take you on a virtual home tour.  

Welcome to our home! This first picture was taken on my cell phone a few weeks ago, and it's not coming across very clear. But here's our home! The huge tree covering the right side of the house (which includes a covered porch with a railing) is completely bare now!

When you walk into the front door, the first thing you see is our piano in a very wide entry hall. It's a perfect spot for the girls to practice without being in a room where they are distracted (or distracting others....).

The piano from a different angle, with a view of the front door.

Family pictures hanging in the entry hall. As you can see from the picture of the piano above, I have nothing else in the entry hall. My goal is to get a small decorative table and an accent lamp to place under the picture gallery. We come in through the garage, so I am able to keep a shoe shelf, coat rack, and hat/gloves basket in the garage by the door. I love that because clutterphobe that I am, I just never really liked the look of all that stuff by the front door!

To the right of the front door is our "bonus" room. It has French doors, which I keep open most of the time. Andy has his desk in there, and we also put our couch with a pull-out bed in there. My mother-in-law stayed in this room when she was visiting. We called it "Grandma's Room" at the time. There is also a huge, walk-in closet, which is perfect for storing the grandbabies' toys. So sometimes we call it the playroom now. Other times, the office. I'm not sure what it is, but it's nice to have!

Down the entry hall, past the piano and staircase, if you go to the right you will come to our formal dining room. If we have a lot of company, we can fit ten people around that table! (We have six chairs, and the bench is big enough for 4 people - or 5 kids!) Most of the time, this table is used by the kids for getting homework done, though.

 If you go to the left, you will walk into the living room. I love the built-in shelves, which includes a place for our big screen TV. The fireplace is a gas fireplace and we have used it just about every day since the beginning of October! The cute little red and green painted wood chairs - I snagged those for River and Austen at Goodwill for $5 each. They're never in place when R&A are here (they get toted all over the living room) - so as you can see, I had no pint-sized visitors today.

This is our eat-in kitchen, which is open to the living room and dining room. I love to cook, and there is plenty of room to do what I love to do. I'm probably in this room the majority of the day! A nice little bonus - a built-in desk. I finally have my own desk! I have all my cookbooks stored in the cabinet above, and if I'm not cooking, I may be found sitting at the desk making out menu plans. Or playing on Pinterest. No, the dog did not come with the house.

I didn't get pictures of everyone's bedroom for this post, but here's mine. I love that we have enough space in our master bedroom suite for a sitting area! Andy and I went shopping a couple of weeks ago for those chairs. This is my get away. If there is too much talking, singing, barking, or TV going on, I take a retreat to my room with my Kindle. I love my room.  In fact, I am in my room right now. :)

Don't you just love the way Luke poses for my home tour pictures? 

The little ceramic cup - or whatever it is - was my mom's. It's really pretty, but I didn't know what to do with it. It was special to me since it belonged to her and I wanted to use it. One day, it occurred to me that it would make a perfect remote/glasses/cell phone holder for Andy! He always leaves those items lying around on his nightstand, so now I have a solution to the clutter.

I love this Confirmation picture of Emma, and I found that picture frame at Tuesday Morning.

I also found this little ceramic bird at Tuesday Morning. Love that place!

I loved my bathroom at the other house, but I love this one even more! I'm not sure why. We had an oversized tub at the other house, but this bathroom has a better plan. The toily has its own closed-off  room! Can't beat that!

 A basket of rolled-up towels. I have switched to all white towels and sheets for everyone. Makes laundry so much easier - and I can bleach everything!  I just love white bathrooms.

I found this handsoap at Trader Joe's - it smells like clean laundry! And the dispenser is just too cute.

I will leave you with pictures of Emma's room....I actually haven't taken pictures of the other bedrooms in the house, but you've probably seen enough! And if you've stuck around this long, don't worry, only two more pictures.

Emma had some ladybug-themed comforters on her bunkbeds that she picked out when she was 9, but wanted an update to something zebra-striped. She had been asking for a change for months, way before we moved. I saw these at Target, and decided to surprise her on her birthday. When she came home from school the day she turned 12, she was greeted with new bedding and curtains when she walked in her room.

I couldn't resist these adorable curtain rods! Or the flowery throw pillows!

Okay, that brings you to the end of my tour. Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoyed yourself!

If you have a blog and have a home tour posted (or would like to do one), please let me know in the comments section, because I would love to see your home! I will also link you back here on my blog! :)


I have a couple of friends who have done home tours on their blogs, too!



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